Reviews for Star Wars : The Ultimate Visual Guide

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2005 December #2
Fans of the original movies (Episodes IV-VI) and its prequels (Episodes I-III) can enhance their collection with two new oversize volumes illustrated with movie stills and photographs: Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide by Ryder Windham and Star Wars: The Complete Locations by Kristin Lund et al., illus. by Richard Chasemore and Hans Jenssen. The first is a visual timeline of the galaxy's evolution over the course of the six films. Comic graphics and photo spreads illustrate the narrative, which covers the history of the Old Republic and the Great Sith War as well as other major events in the six-episode epic. The second title provides an extensive look at all six films' scenery, including a cutaway view of the Galactic Senate (Episode I), a military mapping of the Battle of Geonosis (Episode II), photos and maps of the Mustafar mines (Episode III), a detailed interior view of the Death Star and Jabba's Palace, and much more. Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.