Reviews for Intruder

VOYA Reviews 2012 June
Bren Cameron, paidhi-aiji, returns to Sheridan with Machigi's verbal agreement to a contract with Ilisidi, the aiji-dowager, that may unite and ally the Marid. Bren's position as neutral negotiator has made him a target by factions that do not want peace or agreement. He even fears the reaction of Tabini-aiji, the ruler of the aishidi'tat. But Bren discovers that Tabini's concern is divided between conflict and intrigue in his own household and a shake-up in the Assassins Guild that threatens the very structure of the Atevi government. While complicated political posturing occupies Bren, Cajeiri, Tabini's eight-year-old son, comes under threat by his own mother's bodyguards. The Foreigner series has been marked by excellent writing and extraordinary world building. This thirteenth installment is no exception. While short on action compared to the last two books, the intense political intrigue is both chilling and captivating. Alarming details are revealed that put all past alliances in question. While the aishidi'tat awaits the signing of a world-changing contract, the Aiji's son barricades himself in his apartment, afraid for his life. The alternating points of view between Bren and Cajeiri create both tension and comic relief. Cajeiri's acquisition of a pet parid'ja, a monkey-like creature, leads to mischief and mishaps but also unwittingly exposes the spies in his father's household. This series has strong appeal for science fiction lovers and has earned a cherished spot on most library shelves.--Nancy Wallace 4Q 3P A/YA Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.