Reviews for White Giraffe : Library Edition

Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2008 #1
After her parents are killed in a fire, young Martine is sent to live with her estranged grandmother on a South African game reserve. Grief-stricken, Martine is befriended by two Zulu: Tendai, who teaches her about survival in the bush, and Grace, who relates a legend about a girl who will ride the white giraffe and be a friend to all animals. With its intriguing prophecy, its many secrets in need of unraveling, and its fast-paced plot involving poachers who must be stopped, this book has a lot of child appeal. Narrator Andoh carefully delineates the Afrikaaner, Xhosa, British, and Zulu characters throughout; her narration is as dramatic and suspenseful as the story. Copyright 2008 Horn Book Magazine Reviews.