Reviews for 1960s

Booklist Monthly Selections - #2 February 2004
Reviewed with Nardo's The 1930s.Gr. 4-6. A book about the 1960s that barely mentions JFK and ignores his assassination altogether? There's only so much you can do in 48 pages, but still . . . . So what makes this slim sample volume in the American History by the Decade set worthy of purchase? Well, what's covered is presented in a concise, readable manner, with complicated topics such as the civil rights movement and the Vietnam war explained in ways that middle-graders can understand. Nardo's book on the 1930s is even better. The veteran series author clearly describes the causes and effects of the Depression and looks ahead to how the U.S.'s entry into World War II finally ended the situation. Both books use a great amount of space on entertainment: the movies and radio of the 1930s and the music that was the soundtrack of the 1960s. Black-and-white and color photos of each era extend the text. Appended are brief notes and sources "For Further Exploration," which includes both books and Web sites. A glossary explains terms such as skinny dipping. ((Reviewed February 15, 2004)) Copyright 2004 Booklist Reviews.