Reviews for So Many Bunnies : A Bedtime ABC and Counting Book

Booklist Monthly Selections - #2 March 1998
Ages 3^-6. Twenty-six cute bunnies, each named for a different letter of the alphabet, live in a shoe and go to sleep in a wide variety of places. The list begins with Abel who sleeps on the table and ends with Zed who slept on the shed. When all the bunnies are sound asleep, Mother Rabbit finally has her chance at a peaceful night's sleep. But to her surprise, she is suddenly awakened by all her children, who find joy in jumping on her and her bed. The very nicely illustrated full-page pen-and-ink watercolors are rendered in soft, sunny colors that give this combined counting and ABC book a warm, homespun feel. The musical quality of the rhyming text, the underlying touch of humor, and the good-size format make this upbeat offering a good choice to read to little ones on laps or in groups. ((Reviewed March 15, 1998)) Copyright 2000 Booklist Reviews

Horn Book Guide Reviews 1998
Old Mother Rabbit puts her twenty-six alphabetically named bunnies to bed in rhyming verse, beginning with Copyright 1998 Horn Book Guide Reviews

School Library Journal Reviews 1998 March
Old Mother Rabbit lives in a shoe, but unlike her famous predecessor, she knows exactly what to do with her 26 offspring. After feeding them broth and carrots, she puts them all to bed in some rather strange places, leading readers through her house and garden as well as the alphabet: "1 was named Abel. He slept on the table. 2 was named Blair. She slept in a chair." The repetition of the exact same phrasing may get a little tiresome for adults reading aloud, but children will enjoy guessing where each rabbit sleeps. The napping places range from the fairly ordinary (chair, pillow) to the whimsical (trike, sink, trellis, bowl). The large, soft watercolor illustrations of cuddly bunnies, each with a distinct personality, will carry well in a group and are rich with clever details: carrot wallpaper, bunny dolls, and rabbit-shaped bedposts. The final two-page painting, in which all of the youngsters hop into bed with their mother, provides children with the opportunity to guess which bunny is which. Comforting and cozy, this attractive title is a good choice for pajama storytimes. Copyright 1998 School Library Journal