Reviews for Alphabet Tree

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2005 Spring
In this deceptively simple fable, the letters of the alphabet live in a tree. They learn to form words, then a caterpillar suggests they make sentences--about something important. When they form PEACE ON EARTH AND GOODWILL TOWARD ALL MEN, the caterpillar decides to take them away--"to the President." It was a timely message in 1968 and still packs a punch. Copyright 2005 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2005 #2
When McGillycuddy the kangaroo arrives on the farm, the animals don't know what to make of her. "'We've never seen a McGillycuddy before,' said the cow. 'What do McGillycuddys do?'" Well, they can hop and jump and bounce and kick. "Huh!... That's all?" The animals aren't impressed. What about making milk, growing wool, laying eggs, and cock-a-doodle-doo-ing for the farmer? McGillycuddy tries to do all these things (oh, how she tries!), "but...McGillycuddy couldn't!" The rhythmic read-aloud text invites participation: preschool listeners will try right along with McGillycuddy to hop and bounce and kick, of course, but also to crow and lay eggs (kids will love that one). Porter's energetic illustrations get an A+ for effort and effect. No kangaroo has ever looked as dejected after each failed attempt or ultimately as proud of herself when her own special talents are the only things that can save her friend the duck from a hungry predator. McGillycuddy could kick the stuffing out of any story hour. Copyright 2005 Horn Book Magazine Reviews.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2004 July #1
Old favorites find their way back into print. Leo Leonni's The Alphabet Tree was first published in 1968, during America's involvement in Vietnam. In this simple allegory, a fierce wind keeps a tree filled with timid letters at bay. A word-bug and a caterpillar instruct them to form words that say something important (the message they form: "Peace on earth and goodwill toward all men") and then the letters head for the White House. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.