Reviews for Froggy's First Kiss

Horn Book Guide Reviews 1998
It's the week before Valentine's Day, and Froggy has a crush on Frogilina, Copyright 1998 Horn Book Guide Reviews

School Library Journal Reviews 1998 March
London's fifth title in this popular series is another winner. Froggy falls in love with Frogilina, who reciprocates with adoring glances and treats from her lunchbox. But when she gives him an actual "big juicy..KISS! Smack on his cheek!" Froggy retreats. He's mortified by the taunts of "Froggy has a girlfriend," and is not ready after all for the romance that had seemed so exciting. The story closes as he gives the Valentine he'd made for Frogilina to his mother. This book is emotionally right on target for nursery school and primary-grade audiences, lightly capturing the tension between wanting to grow up and still needing the comfort and safety of childhood. The narrative is smoothly written with rhythmic language and the repetition that young children love. Remkiewicz's simple and colorful cartoon watercolors add just the right touch of humor and verve. A great read-aloud for Valentine's Day, or whenever love is in the air. Copyright 1998 School Library Journal