Reviews for Everything You Need to Know About Geography Homework

School Library Journal Reviews 1997 May
Gr 4-6?Divided into five parts, this book explores the meaning and history of geography; how the Earth is represented in globes, projections, and maps; the physical aspects of geography, including the Earth, water, and air; the characteristics of biomes; and the geography of people and cultures. An appendix contains a 12-page glossary of terms, a brief atlas, and tables of basic information about the countries of the world and the states of the United States. The information is clearly organized and easy to find through the effective use of headers, pointers, colored type, and boxes. The writing is crisp, lively, and concise and thoroughly explains each concept. The biome descriptions and the country and state charts are particularly useful, as are the many pictorial representations of ideas. There are a few problems. Part of Tunisia is missing on two maps. A header and paragraph discuss hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, and cyclones, but cyclones are left off of both the map and the key. However, students are not likely to use this book for the information on the maps themselves, but rather to learn how to interpret maps from other sources. As a tool to assist with homework assignments and answer basic questions about the topic, this book does its job well.?Donna L. Scanlon, Lancaster County Library, PA