Reviews for Magic School Bus Inside a Hurricane

Horn Book Guide Reviews 1996
Once again, Ms. Frizzle's at the wheel as the kids from her class study weather -- seen up close, as the bus becomes first a hot-air balloon, then an airplane that survives both a hurricane and a tornado on its journey to the weather station. Great suggestions for reports and projects are crammed into the pages, along with many scientific facts. Cole and Degen continue to present science to children in a humorous manner. Copyright 1998 Horn Book Guide Reviews

School Library Journal Reviews 1995 September
Gr 1-3-Another wild and wacky field trip for Ms. Frizzle and her intrepid students-this time into the eye of a hurricane. The magic school bus changes into a weather balloon and then into an airplane as the class experiences the hurricane and a spin-off tornado firsthand. As usual, Ms. Frizzle's wardrobe is as changeable as the weather. The familiar format features lots of weather information delivered via students' written reports and spoken comments (dialogue balloons). A subplot features the hapless Arnold, who becomes separated from the group with only Ms. Frizzle's talking radio for company. He survives several harrowing adventures before the magic school bus/plane picks him up. All ends well, the class celebrates with a party, and the Frizz has bees in her bonnet as she anticipates the next class project with a new outfit.-Eunice Weech, M.L. King Elementary School, Urbana, IL