Reviews for Bubba the Cowboy Prince : A Fractured Texas Tale

Booklist Monthly Selections - #1 December 1997
Ages 5^-8. Retold countless times with new twists and different settings, the story of Cinderella seems to have universal and endless appeal. This western version features a cow as the fairy godmother, and breaks tradition with a gender reversal in which the Cinderella role is played by a likable Texas cowboy named Bubba, and the handsome prince's part is taken by Miz Lurleen, a spunky (and wealthy) cowgirl who throws a ball when she decides it's time to find a husband. Ketteman wisely leaves the plot unchanged, but the story has a distinct western flair and a humorous tall-tale feel that is greatly enhanced by the exaggerated actions and facial expressions of the characters in Warhola's double-page-spread oil paintings. With a male in the starring role, this charming and funny retelling may hold more appeal for young boys than the traditional version may. ((Reviewed December 1, 1997)) Copyright 2000 Booklist Reviews

Horn Book Guide Reviews 1998
This fairy tale takeoff substitutes the stepson of a wicked cattle rancher for Cinderella and an industrious wealthy neighbor gal with Texas-size hair for the prince. The western-style trimmings of the text and accompanying oil paintings are humorous but not enough to justify retelling a story that's as overworked as poor Bubba. Copyright 1998 Horn Book Guide Reviews

Publishers Weekly Reviews 1997 November #3
Rustler lingo and illustrations chockablock with Texas kitsch make this ranch-spun Cinder-fella a knee-slappin' tale. Bullied by his step-kin, Bubba is stranded on the ranch while the rest of Texas attends the ball hosted by Miz Lurleen "the purtiest and richest gal in the county" who is looking for a feller who loves ranching as much as she does. While Bubba checks the herd, the sky grows "darker than a black bull at midnight." The thunderhead rolling in turns out to be his fairy godcow haloed, freshly coiffed and wielding not a wand but lightning bolts. By the time the duded-up Bubba hits the shindig, Miz Lurleen has wearied of the last of her suitors ("another ten-dollar Stetson on a five-cent head"). After some fine do-si-do-ing, Bubba's duds turn to rags, but Miz Lurleen is infatuated. While spoofing Cinderella is not a new idea, Ketteman and Warhola's (Aunt Hilarity's Bustle) well-matched flair for hyperbole gives both the narrative and illustrations a one-two punch. Just the ticket for buckaroos lookin' fer a good read. Ages 5-8. (Nov.) Copyright 1998 Publishers Weekly Reviews