Reviews for Capital Punishment

Booklist Reviews 2013 February #2
*Starred Review* When Indian billionaire industrialist Frank D'Cruz, once a Mumbai gangster and later a Bollywood movie star, learns that his estranged daughter, Alyshia, has been kidnapped in London, he hires Charles Boxer to negotiate her recovery. Boxer, a former soldier and homicide cop, has something in common with D'Cruz; his teenage daughter, Amy, is furious with him. Boxer struggles to focus on his assignment but adds to his own difficulty by immediately falling in love with Alyshia's mother. Strangely, the kidnappers seem more interested in tormenting D'Cruz than in ransom money, and soon MI5, MI6, and London's Metropolitan Police are investigating D'Cruz's myriad shady business contacts with rival Hindu and Muslim gangs, old-school London gangsters, mercenaries, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency, and their links to each other and to the global drug trade and terrorism. It's a testament to Wilson's storytelling talents that all these threads don't rob the book of its momentum or suspense. In fact, each is riveting, giving readers a glimpse of plausible alliances, rivalries, and murderous feuds that could explode in London or the U.S. Capital Punishment is taut and addictive, one of the best thrillers so far this year. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2013 January #2
In the first installment of a new series by Wilson (A Small Death in Lisbon, 2000, etc.), the estranged daughter of an Indian tycoon is abducted in London for reasons that don't seem to involve ransom money--and then re-abducted. Sussing out this odd turn of events, "kidnapping and recovery" expert Charles Boxer is drawn into an international plot that may involve terrorists. Part spy novel, part police procedural and part terrorist thriller, this book features a wide assortment of suspects and victims. The tycoon, Frank D'Cruz, is a former Bollywood star whose coldblooded business methods have made countless enemies--but whose investments have made him a favored guest of the U.K. His 25-year-old daughter, Alyshia--whose mother, Isabel, is British--had mysterious dealings of her own during her times in Mumbai that may have contributed to her kidnapping. Boxer, a former military man and cop trying to live down his reputation for killing as well as thwarting kidnappers, complicates the investigation by having an affair with Isabel while collaborating with his West African ex-wife, Mercy, who's with the Metropolitan Police. The perpetually unraveling plot involves members of the Indian underworld looking for payback, London lowlifes looking for a fast score and Islamic extremists looking to blow up London. And while all this is going on, the estranged daughter of Boxer and Mercy is demanding attention. As packed with characters and incident as the book is, Wilson remains in elegant control of the narrative. Though there are times when the book bogs down a bit in the details, it never loses its grip. One of the more sophisticated writers in his field, Wilson leaves us looking forward to Charles Boxer's next assignment. Copyright Kirkus 2013 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2012 December #4

Set in London, this energetic, thoughtful first in a new series from Gold Dagger Award-winner Wilson (A Small Death in Lisbon) introduces Charles Boxer, a former cop turned private security professional specializing in kidnapping. When 25-year-old Alyshia D'Cruz, the daughter of a self-made Indian billionaire, is kidnapped after an evening out with her co-workers, Boxer is charged with getting Alyshia back alive. The kidnapper, who insists that the crime "is not about money," urges the family not to involve the press or the police. That a lot more than money, or Alyshia's safety, is at stake becomes clear as the plot slowly, impressively expands to include an enormous cast of characters and a broad array of themes--global finance, the inequality of wealth, Islamic fundamentalism, counterterrorism. While at times the story's immensity threatens to overwhelm the appealing Boxer, who is supremely competent yet reassuringly flawed, fans of intelligent thrillers will eagerly await the next installment. Agent: Anthony Sheil, Aitken Alexander Associates (U.K.). (Mar.)

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