Reviews for Spring : An Alphabet Acrostic

Booklist Monthly Selections - #1 April 1999
Gr. 2^-5, younger for reading aloud. Similar in format to Schnur's Autumn (1998), this volume features one illustrated acrostic on each page. For instance, the word grass appears vertically in purple, but reading horizontally the lines read "Green leaves overhead, a / Rug of green underfoot, / And the air between / Sweet with the green / Smell of spring." Evans' artwork is outlined in black, making the rich colors appear jewel-like and full of light. Schnur's best acrostics are fresh and imaginative, distilling the essence of the season in a few brief lines and images. An attractive book, sure to be used in many classrooms, sometimes as an alphabet book, sometimes as an evocation of spring, sometimes as a model for student writing. ((Reviewed April 1, 1999)) Copyright 2000 Booklist Reviews

Kirkus Reviews 1999 March #1
The team behind Autumn (1997) turns russet in for a spring-green coat in this paean that moves from April to June. Once again, the first letters of each line make a word that is the subject of the poem, e.g., ``Green leaves overhead, a/Rug of green underfoot,/And the air between/Sweet with the green/Smell of spring'' for GRASS. That page is a particularly fine microcosm of the book; the delicate poem, direct and detailed, appears on a page where the strong line of linoleum-cut illustration brings into relief a field of green seen from above, where the bold shapes of a girl and her dog lay on their backs to gaze up at the new leaves. There are longer words, too, such as ``quintuplets,'' delighting in five new kittens. Many of the images are rural: frogs, cows, a baseball game ringed by a field of corn. Others hopscotch, welcoming a new baby, and watching the light fade to purple fire will be familiar and comfortable to children everywhere. A playful refabrication of spring, likely to please as a word game, certain to please for its images. (Picture book. 3-9) Copyright 1999 Kirkus Reviews

School Library Journal Reviews 1999 April
K-Gr 4-Schnur and Evans have combined their considerable talents to create a picture book that is both innovative and lovely. Done in the form of acrostics, the poems are a visual as well as a literary delight. Their style is simple, yet capable of evoking myriad images and feelings, similar in many ways to haiku. For example, in "Dawn": "Day breaks early now/And quickly/Warms after a cool/Night." The linoleum-cut illustrations are rich in detail and vibrant with spring tones. Easily as successful as this team's previous collaboration, Autumn (Clarion, 1997), this book could be used effectively with any unit on seasons or as a study of literary re-creations in combination with Bonnie Christensen's Rebus Riot (Dial, 1997). It will also spring off the shelf on its own.-Grace Oliff, Ann Blanche Smith School, Hillsdale, NJ Copyright 1999 School Library Journal Reviews