Reviews for Can't Catch Me

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2007 Spring
A runaway ice cube with dreams of becoming an iceberg and bumping into ships is pursued by a boy (who, disobeying his mother, opens the freezer)--and by various others with reasons of their own. But a whale is waiting, and "he knew a frosty snack when he saw one." This imaginative, silly, heart-stirring romp is buoyed by its detailed illustrations. Copyright 2007 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2006 #5
Who save the Hassetts would imagine the rapscallion gingerbread boy as a runaway ice cube with dreams of becoming an iceberg and a menace to unwary ships? Said ice cube is pursued by a boy who, disobeying his mother, opens the freezer before his lemonade is ready -- and by an ant, a mouse, a cat, a goose, a popsicle man, and a dog, all for reasons of their own. The cat wants her kittens' saucer of milk cooled, while the "warmed-over" goose wants...goose bumps. The ice cube, meanwhile, gleefully chortles: "I'm off to the sea, where I will grow as big as an iceberg and bump into boats when they are not looking." Instead, a whale is waiting, and -- more luscious words -- "he knew a frosty snack when he saw one." With one gulp, the ice cube is gone "quicker than you can say" -- page turn, from vast blue sea to puddly kitchen -- "'Mother knows best.'" As in previous books, the Hassetts turn imaginative silliness into a headlong, heart-stirring romp, with repeatable words and buoyant, loopy illustrations. The deviltry is in the details, too: don't let the shadows, in particular, escape you. Copyright 2006 Horn Book Magazine Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2006 September #1
The Gingerbread Man gets a summery update in this latest from the Hassetts. When Mom leaves for the store, Boy sneaks a peek in the forbidden freezer at the ice cubes she has made, allowing one to escape. " 'Can't catch me,' the ice cube said. I'm off to the sea, where I will grow as big as an iceberg and bump into boats when they are not looking.' " Off he goes in a more or less traditional chase, but among the characters chasing him are an ant wanting to ice skate, a mouse who pinched her tail and a goose who wants goose bumps. Safely making it to the sea, he asks a whale where he can find some boats. What a coincidence-there are some boats in the whale's belly! Lively animals and pudgy people populate the spreads, which are done in muted summery shades. While the refrain is not especially catchy, the illustrations carry it off, and this could be just right on a hot summer day. (Picture book. 5-8) Copyright Kirkus 2006 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

School Library Journal Reviews 2006 October

PreS-Gr 2 In this offbeat retelling of The Gingerbread Man, an ice cube hops out of a freezer, saying Can't catch me,/ I'm off to the sea. Perhaps his dreams of bumping into boats arise from a little boy's crayon drawings of boats (one being hit by an iceberg) on the refrigerator. Although the day is hot, this perky little piece of ice stops for no onenot Boy, for whose lemonade it was intended, or Ant, who wants to get his ice skates, or the (literally) hot dog, or the goose that would like to get goose bumps. This fractured fairy tale is equal in its silliness and whimsical artwork to the Hassetts' The Three Silly Girls Grubb (Houghton, 2002). The warm colors of the illustrations, unusual perspectives, and smiling ice cube add to the visual appeal. The unusual protagonist's repeated refrain and the humorous wordplay make this tale especially suited for sharing aloud.Robin L. Gibson, Granville Parent Cooperative Preschool, OH

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