Reviews for Breakaway

Booklist Reviews 2014 April #2
This second volume in the Unstoppable series--an offshoot of the 39 Clues--picks up where Jude Watson's Nowhere to Run (2013) left off, with the supercapable Cahill siblings, Amy and Dan, evading the superincompetent henchmen of baddie J. Rutherford Pierce and globetrotting for the next ingredient (the extinct silphium plant) in the serum that will end Pierce's powers. Pierce's worldwide smear campaign makes things difficult for the siblings and their gaggle of cousins as they head from the ruins of Tunisia into the Arctic Circle. Hirsch packs a fair amount of interesting lore into his shenanigans, and if you've got the stomach for such exclamations as "Awesomesauce!" then the series will continue to oblige you: entries by Natalie Standiford and Gordon Korman are on the way. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2014 Fall
Cahill siblings Amy and Dan continue their dangerous mission to stop evil media mogul Pierce from world domination in the spinoff series' second and third books. Relationships are tested and loyalties questioned when Amy takes matters into her own hands in Breakaway and makes a rash decision in Countdown. Plot development feels a little sluggish, but action-heavy moments raise the stakes. [Review covers these 39 Clues: Unstoppable titles: Breakaway and Countdown.]

Kirkus Reviews 2013 November #2
The Cahill kids continue their clue quest to save the world. Though still a teenager, Amy Cahill's the leader of the rich and powerful Cahill family, so it falls to her and her younger brother, Dan, to decode the notebook of family founder Olivia Cahill. They need to find the ingredients to the antidote to the family's special serum, which has fallen into the hands of evil media mogul J. Rutherford Pierce, thanks to Sammy Mourad, a distant Cahill cousin. Having secured the first ingredient (Nowhere to Run, 2013), the duo and a few friends and relatives jet off to find the second, a supposedly extinct grain called silphium. Pierce's men (most of whom have taken the serum and now enjoy superhuman strength and intelligence) follow in hot pursuit, and Pierce's media holdings spread lies about Amy and her cohorts. Can Amy and Dan get along, find the ingredients and keep their friends safe? Can they even survive? Hirsch picks up where Jude Watson's first volume (of this new 39 Clues quartet) left off, with more improbable adventures and shallow characters. The series that has, in the past, been penned by some powerhouse authors wears a bit thin in this 19th book. Characters pop up with no introductions or backgrounding, and little time's spent catching readers up on past events. Topping the online game and trading cards, look for a movie next year. Only for series fans who haven't moved on. (Mutiplatform fiction. 9-12)

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