Reviews for Hidden Kingdom

Booklist Reviews 2013 December #2
The Dragonets of Destiny are headed to the secluded kingdom of the RainWing dragons in search of a cure for their wounded guardian, Webs. The RainWings dragonet, Glory, hopes to find out more about her tribe--specifically, that they are not lazy and useless. Like Clay and Tsunami before her, Glory learns that returning to a lost home is disappointing and perhaps her place in the prophecy is not the mistake she has believed it to be. A mystery involving missing dragons and a secondary group of dragonets advances the arc begun in The Dragonet Prophecy (2012.) While Glory's story is strong on its own, readers will need to be familiar with the previous books in the series to fully understand the scale of what is happening. Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2014 Spring
The peaceful rainforest seems like the perfect place for the five dragonets of destiny to hide. Though the RainWings are not at war with other kingdoms, the dragonets soon discover that RainWings are mysteriously disappearing. Fierce battles and menacing characters are tempered by humor and the appealing dragonets. A cliffhanger ending ensures more to come. A map and illustrated dragon guide are included.