Reviews for Always Dance With a Hairy Buffalo

Booklist Reviews 2013 December #1
Billy Broccoli and his ghostly roommate Hoover Porterhouse III experience a role reversal in the latest book in the Ghost Buddy series. The Hoove wants to make friends with the ghost of a Chumash Indian princess, but she lives at the Natural History Museum, beyond the boundaries imposed by the Higher-Ups. So he recruits Billy's help as go-between. The development of Billy's relationship with his stepfather and his increasing ability to hold his own against his snarky stepsister are indicative of how he has grown over the brief time span of the series. Can the Hoove finally prove to the Higher-Ups that he has matured, too? Do ghosts say "boo"? Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2014 Spring
Snarky ghost Hoover tries to befriend the ghost of a Chumash princess at a museum. But after he breaks too many promises, he loses Anacapa's trust. Luckily, his human friend Billy is there to help Hoove discover just how powerful telling the truth can be. With a painlessly built-in lesson about the Chumash people, Hoove and Billy's latest hilarious romp will please fans.