Reviews for MythBusters Science Fair Book

Booklist Reviews 2011 April #2
Can Mentos and Diet Coke really be used to power a projectile? Is there any merit to the "five-second rule?" Such everyday inquiries inspire this cool little instruction manual offering 50 original ideas for science fair projects or long, boredom-riddled summer days. Much like the popular television program on which it's based, the book stays true to the scientific method, presenting each project as a question to be answered through experimentation and observation and asking readers to come to their own scientific conclusions. Divided into chapters on chemical reactions, temperature, energy and force, and more, the two- to three-page experiments on busily designed pages feature easy step-by-step procedures. A concise materials list is included for each project, and most materials can be found at home or in school. In the spirit of the show, the book encourages inquiry in a fun and flashy format that is hard to resist, even for students who do not usually love science classes. Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.