Reviews for Sword Thief : Library Edition

School Library Journal Reviews 2009 September

Gr 4-7--The adventures of Amy Cahill and her younger brother Dan continue as they race against their relatives to find the clues to a "treasure" in the third book (Scholastic, 2009) in the series written by Peter Lerangis. Narrator David Pittu masterfully presents each character at his/her ugliest, be it the carping between Amy and Dan, or the superior attitudes of their competing relatives, accents and all. What is new to the mix in this story is the sound of compassion that he masters, such as in the voice of Uncle Alistair, who suddenly seems to be on the children's side, willing to help them in their quest and even risk his own safety. There's also affection and a budding romance between Amy and her arch rival, cousin Ian, which is gently handled by Pittu, giving just a hint of surprise, reluctance, and attraction in the voices of these strong willed and usually hostile characters. Most of the action is set in Japan and revolves around clues left by the famous general Tokoyoto Hideohshi, another relative. This episode is more of a psychological thriller, with the young Cahills constantly wondering whom they can trust and unlikely alliances being formed. Two surprise twists at the end are masterful, and a bonus feature includes a phone conversation with the mysterious man in black. Next stop, Egypt.--Edith Ching, Washington Latin Public Charter School, DC

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