Reviews for Sword Thief

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2009 Fall
Three different authors contribute volumes to the high-octane series about a treacherous, globe-circling scavenger hunt. Dan and Amy are still the principle underdogs in the search for the clues (a Mozart manuscript, a Japanese sword, ancient hieroglyphs) that will allow them to claim their family's historical power. The (stock) characters are energetically rendered; the action never abates. [Review covers these 39 Clues titles: One False Note, The Sword Thief, and Beyond the Grave.] Copyright 2009 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2009 August

Gr 4-7--Amy and Dan Cahill are now on their way to Japan. In the dramatic opening chapter, while boarding a flight to Tokyo, they are outfoxed by two of their cousins, also in search of the Cahill family secrets. Separated from their au pair, Nellie, and cat, Saladin, they are forced to find alternate transportation in their Uncle Alistair's private jet. Though they never fully trust him, Amy and Dan must rely on his knowledge of Japan and of their Cahill ancestor, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a famous warrior whose stronghold may harbor their next clue. Lerangis continues the formula of the earlier "39 Clues" books: plenty of action and surprises, but little in the way of characterization or description of the setting. The small tidbits of historical information about ninjas are not well integrated into the story. Nevertheless, this is sure to be popular with fans of the series who appreciate Dan's bad jokes, the double-crossing Cahill relatives, and cliff-hanger endings. (Note: Library edition does not include the playing cards.)--Jackie Partch, Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR

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VOYA Reviews 2009 October
In book three of The 39 Clues series, Dan and Amy Cahill continue their globe-trotting quest to find clues that will lead to incredible power. The brother and sister travel to Tokyo, Japan, where they make an alliance with their uncle, Alistair Oh. Alistair had previously double-crossed the Cahill team and was trying to find the clues for himself. The Cahills share their latest discovery in this scavenger hunt--some swords that might unlock the mystery to the latest clue for which everyone is searching. In exchange, Alistair helps Dan and Amy with his language skills and shares some of his knowledge about the quest. When a scroll is found, the expanded team searches the subway system for more clues. Ultimately a riddle leads them to South Korea. There the three meet the Kabras, more relatives trying to find clues. Hints lead all involved to believe that the ultimate prize may have to do with alchemy--the power to turn metals into gold. Alliances quickly crumble as both the Kabras and Alistair double-cross the Cahills; however, Dan and Amy discover that the next clue may lie in Egypt. The first few chapters of this installment seem to move a little slowly for the highoctane adventure series, but the remainder moves quickly. Like an Indiana Jones film, the latter half of the novel is filled with numerous clues, swashbuckling adventure, ancient history, and improbable escapes-- perfect for the middle school reader. Lerangis provides more information as to what the great power is that various family members are trying to find. Although not as strong as the first series entries, the book will enthral readers who are already hooked.--Jeff Mann. 3Q 4P M J Copyright 2009 Voya Reviews.