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Booklist Reviews 2013 March #2
We saw the young Atlanta writer Nia Simone Bijou immersed in an erotic make-believe world in Pleasure (2008). Four years later, she's back and enthralled by even more temptation than before. During a quest for sexual and experimental indulgence, Nia joins an exclusive club for the daring and the wealthy, where wild escapades take place and fantasy meshes thoroughly with reality. Not knowing what is real anymore, Nia questions her relationship with the very mysterious Prada and comes across an old flame who tempts her back into a racy, arousing turnabout she's not sure she can handle. Best-selling author Dickey offers a story line of entangled erotic mysteries in this new page-turner that will leave readers breathless and satisfied. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2013 March #1
Seeking liberation and a fuller awareness of self, Nia Simone Bijou enters a glittering fantasy world of erotic temptations. But some unfinished business shows up at her erotic playground. A successful screenwriter from Trinidad, Nia has no shortage of willing lovers. Most recently, she has indulged in a spontaneous ménage à trois with a lovely woman from Vancouver and Bret--Bret, who (like an erotic magician) can work carnal trickery with a basic towel. Recalling a torrid sexual marathon with the exotic, powerful businessman named Prada, Nia cannot deny that she longs for him but finds herself reluctant to pursue a relationship with him, since no one man could ever satisfy her for long. Even worse, he says he's in love with her. Further in her past lurks Chris, her first love and the man who broke her heart. Restless and in search of sexual adventures, Nia joins the exclusive club Decadence, which offers adult pleasures--awarding membership only to the most physically beautiful applicants (after screening them for all known sexually transmitted infections). Initially a voyeur, Nia is quickly drawn into active participation, engaging in anonymous sex with men and women who signal their wealth with Mont Blanc watches and Louboutin shoes. Dickey (An Accidental Affair, 2012, etc.) focuses on aroused body parts (often with pretentious, quasi-mystical euphemisms). Combined with such clinical observation, Nia's minute description of every throb and moan cheapens the hedonistic exploits into crude thrills. Her ostensible quest for a man who can indulge her every fantasy devolves into a three-ring circus of sexual acrobatics. By the time Chris, Prada and Bret return to her life, and Nia must make some real-life decisions with real-life consequences, the reader is numb and ready to go home. More debauched soft pornography than tantric sexual quest. Copyright Kirkus 2013 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Library Journal Reviews 2012 November #1

Fans, you'll love it; this novel picks up the thread of Dickey's popular Pleasure. Four years hence, Nia Simone Bijou has achieved success as a writer but is still striving to master the turmoil within before she moves on to marriage and motherhood. But at the pleasure palace where patrons shed their identities to try on new ones, she's losing perspective. With a five-city tour.

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Library Journal Reviews Newsletter
Four years after the events of Pleasure Nia Simone Bijou is determined to satisfy her high-octane sexuality. Sure, the best-selling writer has fond thoughts for her recent lovers Prada and Bret, but her smoldering inner cravings drive her to seek much more. "I wanted love and the beauty of sex. I demanded it sinful yet classy, loving but raunchy." Message to Nia: Come on down to Club Decadence, a pleasure palace where group sex is expected and welcomed. Her ecstasy fulfillment gets complicated by ex-lover Chris who dumped Nia but now shows up at Decadence wanting to reconnect. Inside Decadence everyone is rich and gorgeous but the sex isn't just hot, it's hawt. VERDICT Dickey's writing can meander into clunky dialog and long-winded decryptions, but his legions of fans seem to forgive those drawbacks. It's all about the sex. and Dickey certainly has a talent for creating ultra erotic sex scenes. Purchase multiples, Dickey's widespread fans will place beaucoup reserves. [See Prepub Alert, 10/8/12.] (c) Copyright 2013. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.