Reviews for Horace Splattly, the Cupcaked Crusader

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2002 Spring
Horace, the littlest guy in his class, gains super powers when he eats the weird cupcakes specially baked by his bossy, genius younger sister. These enable him to rescue his principal from a giant principal-eating gerbil--goofy plotting that readers with a silly sense of humor will love. The idiosyncratic characters are strongly drawn, while GottÆs cartoon art adds a suave touch. Copyright 2002 Horn Book Guide Reviews

Kirkus Reviews 2002 April #2
paper: 0-14-230021-7Watch out, Captain Underpants, there's a new superhero on the scene. After his domineering little sister Melody persuades him to sample two gross-looking homemade cupcakes, diminutive fifth-grader Horace discovers that he can fly, and breathe fire to boot. These powers eventually wear off, but not before Horace has time to get used to the dorky purple outfit Melody whips up for him, to take an aerial tour of Blootinville, and after rescuing heartthrob Sara Willow from an oncoming tricycle, to snatch Principal Nosair from the belly of a giant, carnivorous guinea pig created by malicious science teacher Norman Dienow. Though the illustrations are relatively sparse, Gott's pop-eyed, rubbery-looking figures capture the general sense of goofiness perfectly. Horace returns to save the world from a hypnotist peddling canned Snoodles and Cheaze ("contains over one thousand chemicals, twenty nine preservatives and six kinds of plastic . . ."), as well as to make his own special cupcakes, in Episode #2: When Second Graders Attack (ISBN: 0-525-46866-8, paper: 0-14-230118-3). Necessarily resourceful, since he never knows what temporary super-power the next cupcake will bring, this caped crusader rises hilariously to meet each challenge. Bad guys better stay away from Blootinville from now on-but you know they won't. (Fiction. 9-11) Copyright Kirkus 2002 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved

School Library Journal Reviews 2001 October
Gr 2-4-Horace, who measures 30 inches tall, is the shortest 10-year-old in the town of Blootinville. When his taller, smarter, younger sister makes him eat her experimental cupcakes and wear a purple costume, he becomes a superhero. After flying around town and visiting friends, he decides to go after the man-eating giant guinea pig that has been cruising the school playground. Humorous illustrations add to the lighthearted tone of the story. This fantasy chapter book is reminiscent of Dav Pilkey's "Captain Underpants" series (Scholastic), and reluctant readers will love the quick pace and silly characters.-Christina F. Renaud, Attleboro Public Library, MA Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.