Reviews for Activist

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2014 Spring
Always-noble-intentioned Theo Boone, son of lawyers and aspiring attorney himself, returns for another entertaining good-guys-versus-bad-guys ethical fight. Strattenburg is hot with debate over a planned highway bypass that opponents like Theo claim will pollute the air, take away valuable personal property, and fill crooked pockets. Grisham's pacing is steady, and he provides plenty of background for readers new to the series.

VOYA Reviews 2013 December
Eighth grader Theodore Boone is wise beyond his years, so it should be no surprise when the latest trouble to hit town comes knocking on his door, even if it has to speed along a recently proposed highway bypass to get there. When Theo agrees to help a friend save his family farm threatened by the new road, it requires his best legal know-how, strongest debating skills, and more than a little courage from his dog, Judge This fourth entry into the middle school series featuring Theodore Boone continues to deliver the old-fashioned values of a traditional family, the rewards and challenges of living in a small town, and lessons learned from supporting a cause with personal meaning. There are some discordant notes, like when Theo does not know what it means to be an activist but can give the history and definition of eminent domain, or when he must clearly understand attorney-client privilege but looks through a closed client file anyway. But it is the fast-paced story filled with a wide range of likable characters and challenging ideas that could prompt interesting discussions that make this book appealing. In the end, both boys and girls will enjoy experiencing one more adventure-filled episode in the life of this modern-day Encyclopedia Brown.--Stacey Hayman 3Q 3P M J Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.