Reviews for Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret UFOs

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2011 Spring
Young mystery fans can join Encyclopedia Brown in solving ten new cases, from "The Case of the Stolen Stamps" and "The Case of the Scrambled Eggs" to "The Case of Mrs. Washington's Diary." The mysteries' solutions and how Encyclopedia came to them are provided at the end of the book. Black-and-white line drawings accent the stories. Copyright 2011 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2010 September #1

Cranking out the cases for his brainy, perpetually ten-year-old sleuth since 1963, Sobol dishes up ten moreā€”from stolen cookies and rare stamps to faked photos (see title) and a bogus 18th-century diary. Though the plots are as formulaic as they come, that's partly the point, and the easy language and frequent pen-and-ink illustrations provide an enduring draw for fledgling readers; the entertainment value in winkling out the telling clue without having to turn to the solutions in the back is evergreen. There's usually an artful joke or two to catch, too ("This time it was Flash Borden who came running up. Flash was in fifth grade, like Encyclopedia. His real name was Gordon. He had left Gordon Borden behind in kindergarten. Flash, he had decided, suited him better"--ba-da-boom!), plus some clever wordplay. Interchangeable the volumes may be, but young Brown remains a model for budding detectives everywhere. How pleasing to have a new clutch of mysteries for the rising generation thereof. (Crime fiction. 8-10)

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