Reviews for Counterfeit Mistress

Booklist Reviews 2013 September #2
Underestimating Alban Norwood, Viscount Kendale, almost cost Marielle Lyon her life. At first, Marielle believes the English nobleman following her is nothing more than a handsome nuisance, but Alban quickly disproves this theory when he rescues Marielle from a rendezvous with two of her confederates that turns deadly. As it turns out, Alban has his own reasons for saving Marielle's life since he believes she is a French spy, and he wants to wring out every ounce of information from her that he can. As a former officer in the British Army, Alban is used to skirmishing with the enemy, but engaging in an ongoing battle of wits with the oh-so-seductive Marielle could very well prove to be a losing battle. Combining a Regency-set romance with spies has always been a popular idea, but few romance writers do it with the graceful sense of élan and subtly sophisticated use of sensuality as RITA award-winning Hunter. Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2013 October #2
As a French emigré, Marielle Lyon is playing a dangerous game; her compatriots aren't completely convinced she's who she claims to be, while the English are convinced she's a spy. Trying to decipher the enigmatic female leads Viscount Kendale to some sexy encounters and some surprising truths, as well as the terrifying prospect of losing his well-guarded heart. Marielle knows she's under constant surveillance, but being smart, beautiful and cunning has generally kept her safe, even from the handsome nobleman Viscount Kendale. Certain that she is easily able to evade his scrutiny when necessary, she is both disillusioned and grateful when he shows up at a rendezvous to catch her red-handed but winds up saving her life. Then, when he tries to keep her under his watch while she heals so he can get to the bottom of her mysterious activities, she eludes him through some very sultry invitations and a well-tied scarf. Entranced, impressed and annoyed, Kendale makes it his personal mission to track her down and learn her secrets, but the more he hunts her to ground, the more he realizes her secrets are personal and have, in fact, put her in grave danger. Unconcerned for her own safety, the brave girl is determined to save her father, imprisoned in France, which is impossible, since the countries are at war. Somehow, though, Marielle takes steps to sneak across the Channel, and what choice does a gentleman have but to follow the woman he loves into a ridiculous rescue attempt, especially if he and his men might be the best possible hope for success? Madeline Hunter uses a popular Regency spy angle to intriguing effect, keeping readers--and Kendale--guessing as to Marielle's true intentions, while creating a sizzling frame of sexual tension through Kendale and Marielle's seductive dance of truth, daring and consequences. A smooth, sexy and sophisticated spy-themed Regency romance. Copyright Kirkus 2013 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2013 August #3

Bestseller Hunter (The Conquest of Lady Cassandra) stumbles with this passionless historical tale of an English spy-hunter and a young woman who's determined to rescue her father from French revolutionaries and bring his nemesis to justice. Former soldier Gavin Norwood, Viscount Kendale, has been following Marielle Lyon for over a year, trying to gather proof that she's a French spy. When she's attacked in an alley, he comes to her rescue and is forced to admit his interest is personal as well as professional. Marielle isn't above using his obvious lust against him, especially if it will help her bring down the evil Antoine Lamberte, who had her father arrested and is still hunting her in France. The plot drags and the story offers few surprises, as all loose ends are eventually wrapped up with minimal effort. Despite the attention to period detail, even Hunter's most ardent fans may have trouble staying awake through this lackluster story. Agent: Pam Hopkins, Hopkins Literary Associates. (Oct.)

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