Reviews for Bitter Blood

VOYA Reviews 2013 February
The balance of power between vampires and humans in the otherwise sleepy town of Morganville, Texas, is once again threatened. The demise of the draug, at the close of Caine's previous title in the series, eradicates the threat against the supernatural, but it also creates a void. Where power vacuums exist, vampires rush in--followed quickly by avenging humans. So begins the swirling drama surrounding Claire, Shane, Michael, Eve, Myrnin, Oliver, and Amelie. This installment is told in alternating chapters by several of these familiar personalities, although Claire--who strives to re-establish the equanimity--claims the lion's share of narration Caine is nothing if not consistent. While predictable, the story line is fun, filled with the sexual tension typical in vampire tales, and the dialog is crisp. What the novel lacks in originality, it makes up for in the comfort of familiarity and easy reading. Fortunately, Caine has made her baker's dozen easy to snack midstream. Newcomers to the series will have no trouble picking up the thread with this latest and going back to gorge on its predecessors. A series this long--with no sign of letting up--begs comparison study among its hardcore fans. But no matter--they will not be able to resist.--Lauri J. Vaughan 3Q 4PJ S Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.