Reviews for Eye of the Forest

VOYA Reviews 2009 February
Kerr's action-packed fifth entry in the Children of the Lamp series hurtles twins John and Philippa Gaunt into a typical assortment of adventures and tribulations--typical for teenagers whose Djinn ancestry confers on them the ability to grant wishes and perform other supernatural feats. This time, nothing less than the fate of the world rests in the hands of the twins and their familiar coterie of companions. An ancient Incan artifact, deep in the heart of the Amazonian jungle, might unleash a terrible power if the Gaunts, accompanied by their Uncle Nimrod and assorted Djinn and human companions, cannot manage to stop it. As their journey unfolds with misadventures and magical attacks, they realize they have enemies working against them--perhaps even amongst their own companionsThis entry in Kerr's series is particularly strong. Although some of the previous adventures occasionally suffered from too much detail or too many plots, the story here stays on track as the heroes battle every obstacle in their paths. Kerr's characters remain mostly caricature, and readers looking for development will remain unsatisfied. In their fifth adventure, John and Philippa are more adept at using their Djinn abilities but are essentially the same youth that readers met and admired in the first book. Those looking for a rollicking adventure with plenty of laughs as well as danger, however, will be glad that these Djinn are once again out of their bottles--Catherine Gilmore-Cloug 3Q 4P M J Copyright 2009 Voya Reviews.