Reviews for Day of the Djinn Warriors

VOYA Reviews 2007 December
Just hours after their last narrow escape, John and Philippa Gaunt discover more bad news. Their mother is merely days away from being irrevocably lost to them, their father has been magically aged to 250 years old, and their only hope to fix the mess is to reunite a tricky teenage Djinn's spirit with her body-which has not been seen for twelve years. Even worse, if they leave the house together, their father's Methuselah spell will make him even older. Fortunately this is all in a day's (or week's) work for the Gaunt twins. Readers familiar with the Children of the Lamp series will have no doubt that the twins will somehow come up with a solution in Kerr's fourth book Kerr's method of throwing a little bit of everything into the pot and giving it a good stir results in a rather mind-numbing sludge. There is the Ifrit, an evil Djinn, standing in the way of the twins accomplishing their mission-but there are also ghosts, Chinese zombies, secrets codes, hidden bones, and the list goes on. The original rescue mission is completed about halfway through the book, but by that time the twins have discovered another evil plan. The story stalls out as plot after plot piles up and the Gaunts continually face ever-more-bizarre challenges. With so many truly captivating fantasy tales available, this one is unlikely to attract new readers and may appeal only to the most rabid fans of the series.-Catherine Gilmore-Clough 2Q 2P M J Copyright 2007 Voya Reviews.