Reviews for Bone 2 : The Great Cow Race

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2006 Spring
In this inventive, humorous graphic novel (originally published in comic-book form), Phoney Bone schemes to fix Barrelhaven's Great Cow Race. He enters a mystery cow (cousin Smiley in disguise) and convinces the townsfolk to bet on it instead of favorite (and also non-cow) Gran'ma Ben. Subplots of mystery, unrequited love, and an uprising of ratlike creatures raise a lot of unanswered questions. Copyright 2006 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2006 March

Gr 4 Up -The strange-looking Bone cousins visit Barrelhaven with their friends Thorn and Gran'ma Ben. Phoney Bone, who usually causes trouble, does so again in these six chapters. He tries to swindle the villagers by fixing the annual Great Cow Race. While the race is underway, Fone Bone, who has wandered off to the woods, is chased by two giant rat creatures that have been after the Bones since their arrival in the valley, but they don't know why. Gran'ma Ben knows something, though, and makes ominous references to a past war with the rat creatures and a treaty that is being tested. In addition to the comic elements, there are the usual fantasy elements of the fight between good and evil. Exciting and fun, the full-color art moves the story along at a rapid pace. The vocabulary is not difficult and the illustrations are clear. On one level, the book will appeal to fourth or fifth graders. However, it has a darker side that will appeal to teens. The writing flows gracefully, especially for a graphic novel. This book will be well received in both public and school libraries.-Ronnie Gordon, Brooklyn Public Library, NY

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