Reviews for Mate Claimed

Booklist Reviews 2012 September #2
Eric Warden, leader of the wildcat Shiftertown, has enough trouble on his plate; he doesn't need a half-human, half-shifter running around without a collar. Unfortunately, Iona Duncan refuses to entertain the idea that she needs Eric's help in dealing with her wildcat shifting capabilities. Iona is terrified that if U.S. government agents discover she is a half-shifter, they will not only put a collar on her but will also punish her mother for keeping her secret. However, time is running out for Iona. The longer Iona refuses to deal with her shifter side, the more her mating hunger increases, putting not only herself in danger but everything Eric is working for at risk. With her patented page-singeing sensuality and flair for creative plotting, Ashley delivers another sexy installment in her Shifters Unbound (Bodyguard, 2011) series. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.