Reviews for Wicked Edge

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2012 January #4

The sensuous fifth Castle of Dark Dreams erotic romance (after My Wicked Vampire) centers on an angel named Passion and a man named Edge who is more than he seems. Passion's sentence for being mischievous is to wander Earth as a mortal and save human souls. The Council of Justice sends her to the Castle, an erotic fantasy role-playing scene for adults, where she realizes more is going on than just naughty acting. Her basically innocent nature slams up against Edge's very dark side with explosively lustful results. Passion's ability to see anyone's sin in color tells her Edge is wicked, but her heart refuses to believe he is irredeemable. Their sexy journey together is hampered by a snarky sentient cat and a motley crew of other characters. Bangs delivers on erotic potential while telling a solid story. Agent: Natasha Kern, Natasha Kern Literary Agency. (Mar.)

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