Reviews for Viking Heat

Booklist Reviews 2009 October #1
"*Starred Review* Joy Nelson has her master's degree in psychology and is about to start her doctoral program when her favorite brother is killed by al-Qaeda. To avenge his death, she joins WEALS, the female version of the Navy SEALS. One of her first missions, to infiltrate a sex-slave operation, is aborted when a bomb explodes and Joy is thrown a thousand years into the past. Viking leader Brandr Iggorson is away from home when most of his family is brutally slain by the Sigurdssons. Brandr's vengeance becomes a bloodbath for his enemies. To make matters worse, his brothers have bought him a bad-tempered sex slave--a woman warrior who claims to have come from the future. The taming of the shrew goes both ways when two people who live for revenge find ironic peace and love with each other. The talented Hill has an uncanny ability to mix hilarious situations, serious issues, emotional interactions, time travel, and sizzling love scenes to create a smooth confection that's sure to entertain. This is the latest addition to the author's popular Viking Series II." Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.