Reviews for Sorcerer of the North

Booklist Reviews 2008 September #1
Will is just settling into his first post as a brand-new, just-commissioned Ranger when he is dispatched to deal with problems on the kingdom's northern border. Though his keen senses and uncanny expertise with his knives and his bow are vital, Will's success often hinges on his ability to assess the skills and intentions of those around him. The scenes involving Will, his mentor, Halt, and Halt's mentor, Crowley, work beautifully to fill in background information, dramatize Will's growing maturity, and entertain readers with clever dialogue. The Sorcerer of the North is a must-have volume for fans of the popular Ranger's Apprentice series. Copyright 2008 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2009 Spring
Now a full-fledged Ranger, Will's assigned a special mission with his friend Alyss: working undercover as a jongleur, he's to investigate reports of a sorcerer hexing the lord of a strategically important northern castle. A new grudge-holding acquaintance threatens Will's and Alyss's cover. The series' emphasis on rationality and out-thinking one's enemies will gratify its target audience. Copyright 2009 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

VOYA Reviews 2008 August
Years have passed since Will's adventures in Skandia-he is now a full-fledged Ranger on his first assignment. Thinking he is stuck in the isolated Fief of Seacliffe, Will is surprised to be called away by his old mentor, Halt, for a secret mission. Rumors of genuine sorcery, not simple mind control or mass hysteria, are plaguing Castle Macindaw and upsetting the succession of the barony in the north. The Rangers need Will's special skills to investigate. Disguised as a traveling musician, Will embarks on another quest that not only might cost him his life but also the lives of those about whom he cares. As always, Flanagan is to be complimented for creating a fantasy world that relies on character and action rather than magic, but fans may have difficulty getting into this fifth Ranger's Apprentice novel. The first chapters' exposition tells rather than shows what Will has done during the years between the Battle for Skandia and the present. Familiar characters are sadly absent for the first part of the book, although Halt makes his appearance midway through. The Princess Cassandra is mentioned only in passing, and Alyss, a diplomat, is introduced as Will's new romantic interest. Readers have to assume the relationship between them, as so much happened "off stage" that it is difficult to warm to her character. As the novel progresses and the action picks up, however, it becomes a satisfying, albeit not the best, addition to this popular series.-Arlene Garcia-Allen 3Q 4P M J Copyright 2008 Voya Reviews.