Reviews for R Robot Saves Lunch

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2010 Spring
When one robot goes missing and "Big Cooker Robot" becomes clogged, R Robot discovers the two problems may be connected--and solves both of them. The text doesn't flow well, but Kuszyk's candy-colored robots are entertaining to look at. Copyright 2010 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2009 July #2
The rainbow-colored subjects of picture-book newcomer Kuszyk's paintings illustrate the robot world for young readers. R Robot is your average robot--he brings an extra head to work, "just in case," and can shower, eat and walk the dog all at the same time. At the factory, R Robot investigates the clog in Big Cooker robot that has led to the incredibly long lunch line. It turns out that the clog is caused by the robot he's been looking for all day, solving two problems in one fell swoop. Incongruously, considering the simplistic story line, Kuszyk's acrylic-and-spray-paint robots, which enjoy a separate incarnation in galleries and murals nationally, are not toned down for the young audience. While the colors and distinctive features of each robot are initially captivating, some children may have trouble distinguishing and separating the various parts of the robots and the many metallic chips that make up their world. Alas, the interesting illustrations do not mesh with the ho-hum plot. (Picture book. 5-7) Copyright Kirkus 2009 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2009 August #3

In this jaunty debut, "R Robot," a stocky blue robot with a single antenna and mechanical pincers, has an important job to do at the factory: locate a missing robot "who was last seen at lunchtime the day before." All of the robots--who resemble R Robot, other than some variations in size, color and appendages--join in the search for their missing friend, making a "big mess" in the process. When lunchtime rolls around, the robots discover that "Big Cooker" (a colossal barrel-shaped robot wearing a chef's hat) is malfunctioning and send in R to investigate. Readers are likely to guess the source of the clog and laugh aloud when R Robot, the headless missing employee and a spray of metallic detritus spew out of Big Cooker's backside. (R Robot uses the "extra head" he always brings to work "just in case" to fix up the missing robot, though the final page oddly shows the newcomer with an orange, not blue, head.) With charisma to spare, the robots--expressive even without defined facial features--carry the simple story line to its rollicking conclusion. Ages 5-8. (Aug.)

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School Library Journal Reviews 2009 July

PreS-K-A turquoise, beetle-shaped robot joins his brightly hued coworkers in seeking a missing friend and repairing the broken "Big Cooker Robot." Though his small face lacks any features, R Robot's valor is evident as he enters the enormous Cooker. He uses the light from his spare head that he always takes to work to find and remove the clog-the missing robot. Busy, full-page spreads in energetically colored acrylics are backed by splotched spray-painted backgrounds. Kuszyk's industrial art includes comedy when the variously shaped machines team up to solve problems of height, heavy load, or repair. The mostly simple-sentence text is an ideal complement to the topic and illustrations. Given the recent popularity of robot stories, this will be a hit with children.-Gay Lynn Van Vleck, Henrico County Library, Glen Allen, VA

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