Reviews for Time to Smell the Roses : A Hermux Tantamoq Adventure

Booklist Reviews 2007 October #1
Hermux Tantamoq, the elegant watchmaker and mouse detective, returns, this time to foil a plot to shoot Androse DeRosenquill and destroy his legendary rose garden. Along the way, Hermux and his animal and insect associates encounter killer bees, an insect taxidermist, and a variety of elaborately described animal beauty products. As with Hermux previous adventures, the complicated, sometimes confusing plot is secondary to the story's witty, tongue-in-cheek elements, with much of the humor derived from the animals' connections to the human world. This won't have mass appeal, but it will certainly please some readers. Copyright 2007 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2008 Spring
In his fourth adventure, mild-mannered watchmaker and unlikely detective mouse Hermux Tantamoq is on the trail of a new mystery, accompanied by his fiancée, Linka, and his trusty pet ladybug, Terfle. The action moves at a fast clip, and several subplots add intrigue. Two nasty villains with unusual personalities are particularly entertaining. Copyright 2008 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

VOYA Reviews 2007 October
Hermux Tantamoq, watchmaker, gentleman, and sometimes detective, returns in this fourth installment of Hoeye's series. Having won the heart of lovely aviatrix Linka Perflinger, the unassuming mouse should be enjoying smooth sailing. But Hermux finds himself up to his whiskers in trouble when a brief business trip results in a commission to search for a missing heir. What should be a simple case will have Hermux fighting for his life and those of his nearest and dearest as the rotten core at the center of sleepy Thorny End is revealed. Fortunately this intrepid hero is not alone in the world. His pet ladybug-and business associate-Terfle and his dashing fiancée, Linka, will do all in their power to help him solve the mystery and get home safelyHermux tends to solve his cases through bravery, good-heartedness, and luck rather than Sherlock-style analysis, so some readers are sure to figure out the elements of the mystery long before Hermux does, which may delight or frustrate. Hermux has changed little from the original story, leaving more sophisticated readers longing for a little more character development-although Terfle's promotion to business associate comes with a deeper exploration of her qualities. Although this installment is not as fresh or original as earlier books, it will still charm readers, and with brief chapters and lots of witty dialogue it is certain to be a read-aloud favorite.-Catherine Gilmore-Clough 3Q 2P M Copyright 2007 Voya Reviews.