Reviews for Bedtime!

Booklist Reviews 2005 September #2
PreS. Melanie is enjoying her building blocks, so ignoring her mother's bedtime calls is easy. Mom takes the hint, and instead of beginning the go-to-sleep routine with her daughter, she starts putting Bart the dog to bed. He gets the bubble bath and the soft towel rub. He even gets to wear Melanie's favorite pajamas. Although the tower she's building has to grow bigger (to accommodate elephants), Melanie starts to notice that Bart is getting all the attention--including the story and the goodnight kiss! Now it's a mad rush to get to bed just to hear her favorite bit of the story. By the time it's finished, Bart is sound asleep, and so is Melanie. Anderson's art harkens back to the cartoon-style of the 1960s (think The Jetsons), and she uses blots of colored amoeba shapes as background, giving the whole book a delightful retro look. Young children will feel solidarity with Melanie, who doesn't want to go to sleep, and they'll laugh as her jealousy gets the better of her. ((Reviewed September 15, 2005)) Copyright 2005 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2005 Fall
A little girl is too busy playing to get ready for bed. Her mother, feeling that "[cf2]someone[cf1] has to get ready for bed," gives the dog a bath, brushes his hair, etc.--just the thing to get her daughter to hop to it. The kinetic art's skewed perspectives underscore the unique, slightly surreal take on an occasionally tedious nightly ritual. Copyright 2005 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2005 June #1
Bedtime routine wins out over playtime. Melanie's request for just one more minute leads to many, as she continues to make a block tower for her animals. Her focus is so intense that she does not even notice when mom begins the nightly routine with the family dog! Bart enjoys the bath toys and a loving pat with a fluffy towel. It is not until Melanie hears her mom say, "Now let's brush your teeth," that Melanie's interest is piqued. By now, Bart is dressed in her favorite pajamas. The thought of missing more of the beloved ritual sends Melanie flying to brush her teeth and change clothes. Just in time for her favorite story, she and Bart curl up and quickly fall asleep. Salerno's facial expressions are the perfect accompaniment, capturing by turns the thoughtfulness, triumph, curiosity, accusation, dismay and worry that pass over Melanie's face. The dog gets equal treatment, as well, and readers will delight in seeing how much he enjoys the attention. The retro look of the colors and design work well, too. Sure to be a favorite for parents and children alike, but maybe not for the family cat. (Picture book. 3-8) Copyright Kirkus 2005 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Publishers Weekly Annex Reviews
The bedtime ritual gets a surprise twist in Anderson's debut book. Melanie is too busy building a block tower to go to sleep, so Mom decides to put Bart the dog to bed instead. Salerno (Little Tumbo) outlines characters and minimal props with bold, dark strokes; full-bleed spreads, in hues of light blue, yellow and brown, hark back to generations of bedtime rituals. He shows Mom and Bart in the bathroom on the left, and Melanie absorbed with her blocks on the right. Mom plays with Bart in the tub, brushes his teeth, and Melanie arrives just as her mother is tying a ribbon in Bart's hair: "Hey!... That's my ribbon." When Daddy comes in to give Bart "a big good-night kiss," Melanie realizes she's missing out on all her favorite nighttime routines. A trio of silhouette images shows Bart jumping toward bed, story in mouth, and Melanie rapidly brushing her teeth and getting into her pajamas ("She had already missed... Daddy's big good-night kiss. She didn't want to miss her favorite part of the bedtime story, too!"). Delightful pictures of dolled-up Bart combined with momentum-building pacing make this sweet story a bedtime winner--one parents will welcome. Ages 3-up. (June) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

School Library Journal Reviews 2005 September

PreS-K -Melanie resists preparing for bed, instead designing an ever-growing block tower in the event that large animals come to play. After calling her several times, Mother switches gears and gives Bart, the dog, a bath instead. Melanie continues on with her task, while the now brushed and groomed pup is the recipient of loving attention. Melanie is stunned when Bart, dressed in her favorite pajamas, listens to her bedtime story under her covers. All's well that ends well: Melanie and Bart are shown happily snuggled up on the final spread. Salerno's watercolor, gouache, and ink artwork has a stylized, modern retro look and a dynamic use of line. The illustrations maximize the action and provide plenty of humorous touches. This is an irresistible approach to the ups and downs of bedtime rituals.-Andrea Tarr, Corona Public Library, CA

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