Reviews for Bright Island

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2013 Fall
When sixteen-year-old Thankful Curtis--uniquely bonded to her family's small coastal Maine island--is sent to boarding school on the mainland, she struggles, then triumphs. Will she be seduced by civilization, or return to Bright Island? This seventy-fifth anniversary edition of the 1938 Newbery Honor book retains Ward's original bold illustrations, which aptly reflect Robinson's heightened portrayal of the natural world.

VOYA Reviews 2012 August
Thankful Curtis has grown up on Bright Island, off the coast of Maine. The youngest in her family, Thankful loves her life and has no desire to go beyond Bright Island; however, her sisters-in-law have conspired against her, insisting Thankful head off to school on the mainland. Thankful's grandfather has left enough money to pay for her tuition, so off she goes. Learning at this school is a bit more convoluted than it ever was under the watchful eye of her mother. In addition to Latin and algebra, Thankful must also learn how to adapt to her new surroundings and how to tell the difference between true friends and those who only wish to mock or use her. Published seventy five years ago and the winner of a Newbery Honor Medal, Thankful's story will continue to resonate with contemporary readers. In this novel, readers will see the early tracings of the school story as it factors into books such as Harry Potter. Here are the "mean girls" of today's realistic fiction as well. Another constant is Thankful's love of the land she knows and the waters she sails. These classic elements are echoed in many books from The Secret Garden to Ellen Potter's re-envisioning of it in The Humming Room.--Teri S. Lesesne 5Q 3P M J Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.