Reviews for Sorceress

Booklist Reviews 2009 May #1
This third volume of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series continues the adventures of Josh and Sophie amid a sea of immortal mythical and historical figures. As the twins continue to dodge the evil machinations of John Dee and Niccolò Machiavelli, newcomers Billy the Kid, William Shakespeare, and a rather insane Gilgamesh all make appearances. The intricacy of weaving so many legends into one complicated contemporary conglomerate is a fascinating juggling act, though plot is sometimes sacrificed for simply piling on new characters--which leads to some narrative bloat. Immersively imagined, this series remains a great choice to fill the post-Potter vacuum. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2009 April #2
Weaving yet more figures from history and myth into the third of his six-volume fantasy, Scott whisks teenage twins Sophie and Josh to London, the stronghold of archnemesis John Dee, for an encounter with Gilgamesh--a half-senile street bum in this era but a master of Water Magic and the oldest human immortal of them all. The twins feel their ways into new powers in the course of a running battle toward (where else?) Stonehenge with the Horned God, the Wild Hunt and other foes. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, their guardian Flamel's gifted wife Pernelle survives clouds of poisonous insects and attacks from the octopus-legged Old Man of the Sea to escape from Alcatraz Island. Master yarnspinner that he is, Scott expertly cranks up the suspense while keeping his now-large cast in quick motion. He also continues to blur the line between the two sides, injecting notes of ambiguity that will leave readers wondering. Ending in a welter of revelations, reunions and unresolved plotlines, this page-turner promises plenty of action to come. (Fantasy. 11-13) Copyright Kirkus 2009 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

School Library Journal Reviews 2009 July

Gr 6-10-The third book takes up immediately where The Magician (Delacorte, 2008) left off, and the events described occur over the course of a week. Having fled a destroyed Paris, Nicolas Flamel and the twins are now in England with their every move being tracked by John Dee, the Dark Elders, and their denizens, who are now convinced that Sophie and Josh are the twins of legend. In the meantime, Flamel's wife, Perenelle, the titular sorceress, is attempting to escape Alcatraz. Joined first by the knight Palamedes, and then by William Shakespeare, Flamel and the children try to stay ahead of their pursuers in an attempt to reach Stonehenge, where they hope to find a gate that will allow them to get to San Francisco. In the midst of evading pursuit, Josh finally gets the knowledge of an elemental power, Water Magic, from the insane Elder Gilgamesh, which, of course, conveniently becomes valuable. The chase and escape plots are rather thin and highlight the fact that this series feels bloated, and probably doesn't need the six long volumes the author is planning to tell the story. The inclusion of historical characters such as Shakespeare and Billy the Kid seems primarily a gimmick, and these two characters in particular feel oddly anachronistic. This book is a must-read for fans of the series, but even they will tire if the author doesn't get to the point with reasonable dispatch.-Tim Wadham, St. Louis County Library, MO

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VOYA Reviews 2009 October
The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel adventures continue in this latest series installment in which twins Josh and Sophie team up with the immortal magician Nicholas Flamel and his wife Perenelle to battle against the Dark Elders. The Dark Elders and their human servants, Dr. John Dee and Niccolo Machiavelli, are still in pursuit of two pages of a magic book now in Josh and Sophie's possession. These pages contain information that the Elders need to cast a Summoning, a spell that would unloose chaos and destruction upon the human world. In a desperate effort to obtain the pages, Dee and Machiavelli unleash a host of terrifying mythological monsters against the twins and Flamel. They are also waging war on another front against Flamel's wife Perenelle, who is still trapped on the island of Alcatraz. But Josh and Sophie are learning to master their growing power and hold their own against the mighty forces arrayed against them. This third installment continues the successful formula of fast-paced action and nonstop battles. The introduction of new monsters and diabolical enemies on practically every page gets to be a bit exhausting, but the plot manages to hold up nevertheless. One wishes that Scott had spent a bit more time on characterization rather than monster development, but that caveat is minor. Teens familiar with the previous two books or fans of adventure fantasies like Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series will eat this one up.--Jan Chapman. PLB $20.99. ISBN 978-0-385-90515-2. 4Q 4P J S Copyright 2009 Voya Reviews.