Reviews for Highway to Hell

Booklist Reviews 2009 March #2
As in the previous titles of the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil series, this one overflows with plot twists, relationship issues, and enough good humor to keep the reader from choking on the premise, which has Maggie, now a college freshman, and her sorceress friend, Lisa, fighting evil in the form of a petroleum-like creature while on spring break in Texas. Unlike many evil-manifested-as-monsters novels for teens, this one isn’t afraid to discuss the role of traditional religion in mere mortals’ attempts to keep earthly order. As with any good roller-coaster ride, the overall thrills outweigh any desire to question credulity. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2009 April

Gr 7 Up--Maggie Quinn has psychic ability and a history of fighting demons and other evil manifestations, as proven in Hell Week (2008) and Prom Dates from Hell (2007, both Delacorte). She and her D&D-loving friend Lisa, who is a practitioner of spells and magic, are on a spring-break trip to south Texas when their jeep slams into a slaughtered cow on the highway. Stranded in a small town while the vehicle is being repaired, they meet many of the locals, some of whom are convinced that el chupacabra, a legendary evil creature, has been released from the underground and is killing their livestock. Doa Isabel, the wealthy matriarch of the area, seems to know something, but isn't talking; her handsome grandson, Zeke, does not believe in "Ol' Chupy," but he is forced to face the truth when humans as well as cattle are attacked by the demon creature. Maggie and Lisa are highly likable and genuine college freshmen, and when they spring into action against the terrifying creature, the adventure really takes off. The background information on the evil being is logical and believable, and the two belief systems of Catholicism and Hispanic magical culture sustain a respectful coexistence. This story flows quickly with thrills, chills, and a first-rate mystery.--Jake Pettit, Thompson Valley High School, Loveland, CO

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VOYA Reviews 2009 February
The mysterious forces of Good and Evil come together for another throwdown and it's a lucky thing that Maggie is leading Team Good. The college freshman and her best friend, Lisa, are working on a new rite of passage into adulthood with a road trip to a beach for spring break. On the way to South Padre Island, the girls hit literal and metaphysical obstacles that prevent them from leaving Dulcina, a little town in the middle of nowhere Texas. Something is killing the livestock. A small faction says coyote have been driven to kill bigger prey than usual, but a more vocal group is naming it el chupacabra. Lisa's potential crush, Zeke Velasquez, might belong to the most powerful family of Velasquez County, but his refusal to consider a supernatural predator may be endangering everyone. Soon Justin arrives bringing his best friend and future priest, Henry, to even the odds of survival for the side of Good. Using local mojo, religious faith, and Maggie's gifts, the Evil One should be headed down for the countAs Maggie's abilities develop, the opposing forces also seem to be getting stronger. It is great to witness her confidence grow, sending a subtle message to the reader about the strength of believing in oneself. Although there is more action, adventure, and suspense than in the two previous books about Maggie Quinn, the friendships and budding romances remain equally important. It is difficult to imagine teens who have enjoyed Charmed, Buffy, or the Twilight books not loving this series.--Stacey Hayman PLB $19.99. ISBN 978-0-385-90462-9. 5Q 5P S Copyright 2009 Voya Reviews.