Reviews for Einstein's Bridge

Booklist Monthly Selections - #1 June 1997
In 2004, physicists bring online the long-anticipated particle accelerator advocated during the Bush administration. The initial experiments produce an anomaly that turns out to be a warning from an extraterrestrial, a godlike stellar traveler called Tunnel Maker. The warning is of a sort of galactic queen bee that preys upon civilizations that have become sophisticated enough to experiment with subatomic particles. This is silly, although there is a certain grandeur to it, no doubt, as there is to Olaf Stapledon's classics featuring the universe as a character (see An Olaf Stapledon Reader ). Physicist and Analog science columnist Cramer actually works with accelerators, and his hands-on scenes are excellent. But he wrote much of the novel in the late 1980s and apparently never updated it, since both Bush and the accelerator became political casualties, and neither change is noted here. As fiction, this is, at best, awkward and unconvincing. ((Reviewed June 1 & 15, 1997)) Copyright 2000 Booklist Reviews

Library Journal Reviews 1997 June
In his second novel, following No Man's a Mountain (Mayhaven, 1996), physics professor Cramer writes elegantly about the ramifications from the high-particle physics superconducting supercollider (SSC). Two alien races notice the SSC activities?the Hive assimilates and destroys civilizations while the Makers share knowledge. In a race toward first contact with Earth, we can only hope the Makers reach us first. Recommended for hard sf collections. Copyright 1997 Cahners Business Information.