Reviews for White City

Booklist Reviews 2011 August #1
"The Clockwork Dark series draws to a smashing finish (literally) with this third volume of American folklore-based fantasy action. In proper climactic fashion, all of our heroes--Ray, Conker, Buck, and a dizzying array of others--begin separated but slowly come together as they converge upon Chicago's famed White City of 1893, which is the new hiding place of the Gog's evil machine. Newcomers will be thoroughly baffled by the byzantine plot, but those who have traveled this far with Ray will find this a fitting conclusion to one of the more refreshingly curious steampunk offerings out there." Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2012 Spring
In this installment, set at the Chicago World's Fair, the characters seek to destroy the Magog and his evil machine. As each person overcomes his or her own "black clockworks," they build the strength and resolve to defeat the villain together. Bemis continues to unite Southern folklore and steampunk fantasy as readers are carried along on a journey of suspense and intrigue.

Kirkus Reviews 2011 July #2

With The Clockwork Dark series drawing to a close, author Bemis has saved the best for last.

Readers are plunged into the action as Buck is captured and comes face to face with the evil Grevol, a.k.a. Gog. At the same time, Ray and Jolie are attempting to find his sister Sally as she desperately seeks their father, hoping he can help complete their task. Other members of their band, including Conker, son of John Henry, are headed to Chicago, the site of the 1893 World's Fair, and an ultimate showdown with Gog, his all-powerful Machine and the Darkness he uses to control those who do his bidding. Bemis continues to connect larger-than-life characters of American folklore to new adventure. As he concludes the series at the point where the country is set to embrace a mechanized modern society, the heroic figures battling the evil Gog are forced to face what might be a losing battle. "And the world ahead, it would change. That was inevitable, just as the Magog had said. But it wasn't inevitable that it would be a world that would turn people into the ashen-faced slaves that Grevol desired. Mankind might still hold on to its humanity."

With a plot as intricate as the Machine at its center and a page-turning pace, this unique, ambitious American fantasy comes to a satisfying end that would please even John Henry. (Steampunk. 9-12)

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School Library Journal Reviews 2011 October
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VOYA Reviews 2011 June
Ray and Conker target the Gog, and the villainous Grevol is determined to stop them in this Clockwork Dark action-packed conclusion filled with mechanical monsters, guns, lightning, and magical spells. The World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago is the scene of the final epic conflict. Here, amazing machines of progress conceal Grevol's plot to enslave the human race. Conker and Si arrive first and reunite with the pirates. Pursued by the Pinkertons and a Hoarhound, Ray allows himself to be captured to protect Sally, who finally finds her father in the spiritual world of the Gloaming. She gives him the magical rabbit's foot, which he converts to a Gog-killing spike. Ray and Conker must recover the Nine Pound Hammer to drive the spike. Each defeats personal fear and doubt within himself before saving others This third book focuses the complicated plots of the trilogy into a consistent conclusion that forces the reader to consider nature's strength and technology's dangers. Coming-of-age realizations that require personal magic, strength, and sacrifice save the Tree of Life, humanity's life force. The deaths of favorite characters are peaceful, meaningful crossings to a spiritual world. The first two volumes' middle school fans who are now in junior high will find more than enough action and thought for their maturing tastes.--Lucy Schall PLB $20.99. ISBN 978-0-375-95568-6. 4P 4P M J Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.