Reviews for Daring Adventures of Penhaligon Brush

Booklist Reviews 2007 November #2
Penhaligon Brush is a young gentleman fox who also happens to be his town's apothecary. His adventures begin when he departs for Porthleven, a nearby fishing village, to visit his badger stepbrother. Upon arrival, Penhaligon discovers that Porthleven has been taken over by the evil Sir Derek. Sir Derek rules the town and terrorizes the populous with the help of a private army of ferrets. Penhaligon soon finds allies in a bid to stop Sir Derek, including Derek's elderly aunt and a sassy vixen named Rowan. Penhaligon and Rowan carry on a battle of wits until they fall for each other and also foil Sir Derek's plans to loot a fleet of ships. The short chapters, funny lines, and exciting plot twists make this a particularly effective read-aloud in the tradition of English novels that feature animals of the countryside in human roles. Copyright 2007 Booklist Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2007 September #1
Penhaligon Brush is a young fox with sparkling wit, extra-long ears and unusual, dark-tipped fur. He's happy enough working in the pharmacy he inherited from his foster family of badgers--Penhaligon's parents disappeared long ago--but he secretly longs for adventure. When he gets an inexplicable summons from his foster brother, Bancroft, Penhaligon is ready to go and expects a warm reunion. Instead, he finds that the town has fallen under control of an evil feline, who is set to wreck the ship of a traveling princess and steal her dowry. With help from Bancroft and an eccentric band of furred friends, Penhaligon sets out to save the princess. But can he stop arguing with Rowan, a very smart vixen, long enough to get the job done? If he does, there's a chance he'll be able to unwrap the secret of his mysterious ancestry. Dashes of Brian Jacques and Arthurian legend combine to make this original tale humorous and suspenseful. Appealing, detailed drawings add a touch of warmth, adventure and fun. (Fiction. 8-12) Copyright Kirkus 2007 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2007 September #4

Set in the days of olde, this swift-paced, large-scale adventure centers on Penhaligon, an earnest fox, who takes on the scheming feline Sir Derek and his army of ferrets in a eerie seaside village. The nefarious Derek plots to shipwreck vessels carrying the soon-to-be bride of the crown prince and then plunder the ships' bounty--and Penhaligon is tapped to thwart him. Rogan, who grew up in Wales and now works as a school librarian in Los Angeles, adds suspense and humor to virtually every turn of the curlicue plot. Other developments include a love interest for Penhaligon in the form of a saucy vixen; a duel (after Derek's blade slashes the fox's clothing, the villain says, "You'll pay for your meddling," to which Penhaligon replies, "And you'll pay for this waistcoat") and, of course, numerous reversals of fortune. Slade's halftone art, sometimes presented in conventional one-page scenes but often laid out in dynamic interaction with the text, represent these robust characters in theatrical costume and with plenty of personality. Ages 8-12. (Sept.)

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School Library Journal Reviews 2007 November

Gr 3-6 --Young fox Penhaligon Brush discovers that you must be careful what you wish for in this exciting novel. Brush, a polite and reliable pharmacist from the quiet town of Ramble-on-the-Water, receives an urgent note from his brother asking him to come to Porthleven immediately. Along the way he discovers that the evil cat Sir Derek has taken over the village and captured his brother. It is all part of a plan to steal the dowry of Crown Prince Tamar's betrothed as she sails in to meet the prince. Brush is an unlikely hero who teams up with a charming family of hedgehogs, some orphaned wolf cubs, Lady Ferball, and her companion, the feisty vixen Rowan. Together they hatch a brilliant plan to save the princess and release the village from Sir Derek's control. This story has something for everyone--mystery, daring escapes, and a touch of romance. With well-developed, believable characters and excellent pacing, it is difficult to put down. The romantic tension between Rowan and Brush is just enough for young readers looking for a love story. Themes of acceptance, chivalry, and resourcefulness give this tale an optimistic quality. Rogan's happy ending ties up all the loose ends in a satisfying manner. Slade's occasional black-and-white illustrations support readers as they envision the unusual characters. An excellent addition.--Nicki Clausen-Grace, Carillon Elementary School, Oviedo, FL

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