Reviews for Superheroes

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2008 Spring
Max and his porcine pal Pinky decide to play superheroes. When Pinky bristles at being referred to as the "stubby sidekick," their friendship is strained--until Max needs to be rescued when his head gets caught in a fence. The bold-lined pen-and-ink and digital illustrations are populated with animals who comment on the action throughout, bolstering the humor in this slight adventure. Copyright 2008 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2007 September #2
Evildoers and marshmallows beware: Max and Pinky are back for their second great adventure, and this time they're playing at battling the forces of evil as Mighty Max and Stubby Sidekick. Actually, Pinky isn't too thrilled about having to fill the sidekick role. Whenever he and Max go out to play, he's the one who ends up plugging up the volcano (while Max saves whales) or getting bonked by asteroids (as Max deftly moves them away from the Earth). When Pinky quits the game abruptly, it isn't long before someone new needs help. Max! His best friend performs a daring rescue and our two heroes fly off with Pinky dropping broad hints about how he's looking for a good sidekick these days. Though perhaps a little less original than its predecessor, Eaton's thick black lines and sublime sense of humor will undoubtedly please fans and whet the public's appetite for future adventures. (Picture book 5-7) Copyright Kirkus 2007 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

School Library Journal Reviews 2007 November

PreS-Gr 1 --A boy and his porcine friend Pinky decide to play superheroes. They practice their moves (their version of flying is getting launched off the high end of a seesaw) and try on costumes (everything from a shower curtain to laundry). Finally, wearing simple masks and capes, they become Mighty Max and his "stubby sidekick." The two plug an undersea volcano to save a whale, battle a snowmonster, and turn away an asteroid that's heading toward Earth. Then Pinky tires of his sidekick status and quits, leaving Max on his own. While wallowing in a mud puddle, the pig hears a cry for help. Max's head is stuck between the slats of a fence. Pinky gets a bucket of water and hurls it at him, freeing him (it's not exactly clear how), and the friends are reunited. How can Max repay him? It just so happens that Power Pinky is looking for a sidekick. The simple cartoon illustrations are done in black pen-and-ink and colored digitally in bright, flat hues. The one or two lines of text on each spread are supplemented by word balloons coming from the characters. The appealing theme and the simplicity of the telling are major selling points, but this book is not an essential purchase.--Ieva Bates, Ann Arbor District Library, MI

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