Reviews for C D C?

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2004 Spring
Somewhat more sophisticated in content than its companion volume, [cf2]C D B![cf1], this classic word-game picture book (in which single letters and numerals are strung together to make sentences 4 U 2 decode) contains newly colorized illustrations. Still X L N fun, the book includes an answer key, but no P K N if you can help it.",,"Intermediate Fiction",,,,,,,,,,,23991,,,, Copyright 2004 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2003 October #1
Two William Steig favorites lead the list of titles returning to bookshelves this fall. The pen-and-ink and watercolor master adds a colorful palette to his classic book of letter and number puzzles (originally published in 1984), C D C? Read the letter and number names and follow the picture clues to decode messages such as "C D C?" (See the sea?) or "N-E-1 4 10-S? N A Y-L" (Anyone for tennis? In a while). This new edition also adds an answer key at the end. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.