Reviews for Celestial Globe : The Kronos Chronicles, Book 2

Booklist Reviews 2010 May #2
In this spirited sequel to The Cabinet of Wonders (2008), Petra Kronos escapes Prince Rodolfo's monstrous assassins with the help of British spy John Dee. Dee, an intriguingly amoral benefactor for stubborn, challenging Petra, refuses to return her to Bohemia, instead keeping her busy with lessons in swordplay and magic. As Petra struggles to outmaneuver him, Neel and Tomik search for two globes that enable travel through mysterious Loopholes, but they are not the only ones after this power. With a little romance, a murder mystery, and political intrigue in spades, this historical fantasy crackles with energy. Series fans will be pleased. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2010 Fall
Desperate to rescue her father from cruel Prince Rodolfo, headstrong Petra Kronos (The Cabinet of Wonders) is herself held prisoner as the ward of English spymaster and magician John Dee. Before he'll release her, she must solve the murder of a man rumored to possess the mysterious Celestial Globe. Strong characterizations and a lively action-adventure plot propel this Elizabethan fantasy-mystery. Copyright 2010 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2010 March #2
There's some serious swashbuckling underway in this follow-up to the high-spirited The Cabinet of Wonders (2008). When readers last saw Petra and her father, she had foiled the Prince of Bohemia's evil plans and was back at home. This brief peace is abruptly shattered, however, when the prince sics his uniquely horrific Gray Men on Petra's home and she barely escapes, thanks to the machinations of the English spy, John Dee. Taken to England, Petra is determined to escape from Dee's home, even as her friends Tomik and Neel search for her abroad. When Petra makes a bet with Dee that she can solve a murder case before he can, she has no idea of the betrayals and secrets that await her. Once readers get past Petra's incessant whining in the first half of the story, they'll be engrossed in a tale that is part mystery and part fantasy, with a reveal at the end so grotesque they'll be clamoring for the next book's release date. A true original. (Fantasy. 10-14) Copyright Kirkus 2010 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2010 February #3

This stellar sequel to The Cabinet of Wonders surpasses its predecessor by navigating the intelligent fantasy adventure outside 16th-century Bohemia and deepening the scope of its magic. After an attack, feisty 13-year-old Petra's mind connection to British spy John Dee enables him to rescue her to London through a "Loophole" that allows instant time-space travel. Another Loophole casts two supporting players into central roles when her childhood friend and magician Tomik passes to Portugal only to be captured by Roma pirates, including Petra's friend Neel. These pirates possess one of two magical globes and are searching for the second; combined, they offer "the power to guide anyone through hundreds of Loopholes." Their quest leads back to Petra and pits them against Bohemia's evil Prince Rodolfo and a complex web of British traitors. Using a winning combination of history and magic, Rutkoski builds on what worked in the first novel and heightens the stakes, as Petra matures under Dee's enigmatic tutelage. Strong characters and fast-paced plotting let this compelling installment stand independently, but the ending will leave readers eager for the next. Ages 10-up. (Apr.)

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School Library Journal Reviews 2010 April

Gr 5-8--This historical fantasy, a follow-up to The Cabinet of Wonders (Farrar, 2008), brings magic and mystery to life. When British spy John Dee, advisor to Queen Elizabeth, spirits young Petra Kronos away from Prince Rodolfo's monsters in Bohemia, Petra's only concern is returning home to London and rescuing her father. Instead, Dee keeps her captive and trains her as both a magician and a spy. On the other side of the world, Petra's friends Neel and Tomik unwillingly join forces to find not only Petra but also the Celestial Globe. Evil Prince Rodolfo also seeks the Globe, half of a set that reveals mysterious pathways through the world. Petra and the other characters have matured, and romance begins to play a role, but friendship and adventure remain at the forefront. While the multiple narratives dilute the action somewhat, the fantastical journey of Tomik and Neel, and Petra's struggles with her captor, her education, and her love interest will engage fans of the first book and bring new readers to the series. An author's note (cunningly penned by Astrophil, Petra's clockwork spider) explains which characters and events are rooted in historical fact.--Karen E. Brooks-Reese, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, PA

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