Reviews for Indigo Awakening

Kirkus Reviews 2012 December #1
Ultrapsychic children with intense blue auras--hence the label "Indigo"--find themselves under attack from a group of fanatics. Seventeen-year-old Rayne's brother Lucas has fled from a mental hospital operated by the sinister Church of Spiritual Freedom. Lucas may be a "crystal child" with psychic abilities far superior to even the best of the Indigo children. Now he runs through the streets of Los Angeles, seeking refuge. Meanwhile, Rayne meets Gabe, a boy who appears to have even more psychic power than Lucas. They search for Lucas while the Church searches for all of them. Fortunately, the extreme psychic powers, such as the ability to manifest hordes of snakes, bats and other animals, works well for protection from various bad guys. Galloping suspense turns out to be the main attraction of the book, along with a few romance episodes and some pathos. Worldbuilding and characterization suffer, however. Readers never learn anything about the Church of Spiritual Freedom aside from its brutal intent to destroy the Indigo children. The church and its believers appear to have no religious doctrine whatsoever. Rayne's sister, Mia, has become part of the Church, but neither her motivations nor her position within it are clear. Rayne, at least, has a spunky personality and a pet iguana that adds some spice to the narrative. Some of the Indigo children also stand out as interesting characters. Exciting if not particularly filling. (Paranormal thriller. 12 & up) Copyright Kirkus 2012 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

VOYA Reviews 2013 April
Lucas hears voices, so his older sister has him locked up in a facility that happens to be run by the church for which she works. The voices tell Lucas to run, and when he does, his younger sister, Rayne, goes in search of him. She encounters Gabriel, a boy with secrets and powers. Rayne has no idea why she wants trust Gabe to help her find her brother, but she does. They discover that the church Rayne's and Lucas's sister works for is hunting down kids with psychic powers because they fear these kids are the next evolution of humanity. No one knows why "the Believers" are actually after these kids, but as they hunt for Lucas, Gabe's powers grow and could spell the end for them all Dane introduces to the world at large "indigos," psychic children known to the new-age world. Readers will be kept on the edge of their seat from word one, which is where the action begins. Because of the action and radicals in the book, this is definitely not a hard sell to any teen. This edgy tale is just the kind of dark, stirring story that teens have come to enjoy.--Barbara Allen 4Q 5P M S Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.