Reviews for Sacrifice

Kirkus Reviews 2012 October #2
A historical fantasy seamlessly intertwines the love stories of Alera and Shaselle, two young but incredibly strong teenage women, and their personal struggles to restore their medieval-esque kingdom, Hytanica, to grace. This final installment in the Legacy trilogy picks up with the citizens of Hytanica recently conquered by their sworn enemies, the Cokyrians but determined to reclaim their nation. Chapters alternate between the fresh voices of Alera and Shaselle, providing readers a view of the struggle from behind the palace walls via Alera and on the city streets through Shaselle. Once Hytanica's queen but now appointed Grand Provost, Alera is challenged with rebuilding Hytanica under Cokyrian rule, which she soon learns includes reconstructing not only buildings, but also the pride of her people. Feisty and more comfortable with horses than suitors, Shaselle scoffs at her role as a lady and insinuates herself into the plans of the Hytanican freedom fighters. Similar in their love of Hytanica, these two women are also linked by painful choices between the love of a man or the glory of their country. Although true to its roots as a Harlequin novel, this tale rises above genre by including thought-provoking elements that examine the role of women, family allegiances and the damaging nature of prejudice. (Fantasy. 13-17) Copyright Kirkus 2012 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

VOYA Reviews 2013 April
In a fairytale land torn apart by war and rebellion, two resilient young women seek love and revenge in the satisfying conclusion to the Legacy trilogy by teenage author Kluver. Princess and Grand Provost Alera of Hytanica, secretly betrothed to Narian, leader of the victorious Cokyrian forces, struggles to maintain a fragile peace between her people and their conquerors. Independent and unruly Shaselle slips through the streets of the ruined city seeking retribution for the murder of her father. As their military leaders plot a bloody rebellion, the lives of Alera and Shaselle entwine, and they discover just how much they must both sacrifice to play their parts in freeing Hytanica Sacrifice concludes the trilogy's complex and action-filled saga, packed with political intrigue and grisly violence. The author excels in world building, having created two remarkably believable societies with opposing creeds and cultures. She explores in detail the inevitable conflict between belligerent Cokyri, with its forceful women warriors, and patriarchal Hytanica, where women are considered fit only for domestic duties. A few flaws, however, diminish the novel's impact. The multitude of characters and their often-similar names sometimes bewilders even a careful reader. Because Alera and Shaselle tell their stories in alternate chapters, the narrative flow seems uneven. Improved editing might have avoided the occasional awkward sentences, flagrant word misuse, and clichéd phrases. In spite of some persistent faults, the series conclusion is a noteworthy achievement. Libraries serving young adults should purchase Sacrifice where the other volumes were popular.--Jamie Hansen 2Q 4P J S Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.