Reviews for Tsubasa, No. 3 : Reservoir Chronicle

VOYA Reviews 2005 April
A magic accident scattered Princess Sakura's memories in the form of feathers across many worlds in different dimensions. Now she and her friend Syaoran are traveling across dimensions to find them. They are joined by Fai, who wants to escape his world; Kurogane, who wants to find his way home; and Mokona, a strange creature that can move between worlds. This third volume picks up where the second left off as the four travelers move on to a new world where an evil mage keeps the town he rules in constant fear. His magic is nearly invincible because he has one of Sakura's feathers. The travelers must defeat him to get it back This series crosses over with CLAMP's ongoing series, XxxHOLic (Del Rey, 2004/VOYA review this issue), and the main character from that series appears again in this volume. Many of the characters and worlds come from other CLAMP series, but knowledge of their other works is not required to enjoy this one. It is full of adventure, romance, and humor, all through the artists' usual high-quality art and writing. Also included are excellent notes explaining bits of Japanese culture and language with which the reader might not be familiar. Libraries that have the first two books should definitely continue with this one, as manga fans will be eagerly awaiting it. The cliffhanger ending means that readers will eagerly anticipate the next volume as well.-Teresa Copeland 5Q 4P J G Copyright 2005 Voya Reviews.