Reviews for Nothing Can Keep Us Together

Booklist Reviews 2005 December #1
Gr. 10-12. This eighth Gossip Girls title will satisfy rabid fans of the series with a new round of scandals and exploits among the usual cast of gorgeous, wealthy teens, who amuse themselves in stylish Manhattan settings. In this installment, set during the teens' graduation from their exclusive high schools, sex and drugs figure more frankly into the plotlines, and a few sleazy teachers openly lust after students. Unapologetically lightweight and glamorous, and filled with snarky, humorous asides, this stays close to the series' best-selling formula, and the characters' questions about life after high school will draw even more teen interest. ((Reviewed December 1, 2005)) Copyright 2005 Booklist Reviews.

VOYA Reviews 2006 February
This novel finds the Gossip Girl cast of characters in their final week of school, preparing to graduate by shopping for distinctive designer clothing to wear to the ceremony. The use of brand names as adjectives appears more prevalent than in previous novels in the series, and the fantasy world of wealth, beauty, and absent parents has been expanded to include a British lord and a fleet of European cars destined to be graduation gifts. There are only outrageous plot lines, such as one character's theft of his coach's Viagra, putting his graduation in jeopardy. The book is predictably light; like a senior at the end of the school year, it is aimless. Faithful readers should question how much longer the series can continue.-Jenny Ingram 1Q 3P J S Copyright 2006 Voya Reviews.