Reviews for Santa's Book of Names

Horn Book Guide Reviews 1994
Edward cannot yet read, but he learns fast when Santa asks him for help; he reads aloud Santa's book of names while they deliver gifts to children all over the world. The cozy Christmas story celebrates the importance of literacy. McPhail's characteristic illustrations, painted in rich greens and purples, convey the winter night. Copyright 1998 Horn Book Guide Reviews

Kirkus Reviews 1993 October
When Edward has trouble learning to read, his teacher urges tests but his mother counsels ``Patience.'' Then, in Edward's house on Christmas Eve, Santa accidentally drops the all- important book listing the gifts children will receive--and when Edward catches up with him to give it back, Santa invites him to come along to help. Since Edward can't read, he just holds the book and turns pages. But when Santa's glasses tumble into the sea, Edward realizes he must try to read--and finds he can. Appropriately, the last gift is a book for Edward, which he reads all by himself on Christmas morning. The novel twist on the popular scenario makes a sweet story that's sure to be a hit, especially with McPhail's cozy illustrations of Edward's home and a traditional Santa. (Picture book. 4-8) Copyright 1999 Kirkus Reviews