Reviews for Angel : A Maximum Ride Novel

Booklist Reviews 2011 May #2
In this seventh installment of Patterson's best-selling Maximum Ride series, 15-year-old Max, a genetic bird kid, is still full of fight and clever one-liners. While still pining for her beloved ex, Fang, who left to form a flock of his own, Max meets Dylan, a lab-grown, avian-human hybrid designed specifically to love her. Alas, the romance triangle is put on hold while Max is once again called upon to save the world. This time, the villains are members of the Doomsday group, who believe that the only way to ensure the future of the earth is to destroy all nongenetically enhanced humans. In this adventure, Angel, a young telepath in Max's flock, finally finds her chance to shine. As with the series' previous titles, this page-turner wastes no time on character development and plunges right into the action. Readers new to the series won't have trouble following the exploits of Max and her peers, while fans who have been waiting for Angel to take center stage will find exactly what they came for. Copyright 2011 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2011 Fall
While Max (who's prophesied to save the world) tends the usual flock of "birdkids," her ex, Fang, is bringing together a new group of disenfranchised supernatural teens--including Max's clone, Maya. Hurt feelings and jealousies are put aside when the cultish Doomsday Group threatens world annihilation. Taut pacing, snappy dialogue, and engaging romantic entanglements extend the series. Copyright 2011 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

VOYA Reviews 2011 June
Fifteen-year-old Max, leader of a genetically modified "flock" of children with wings and other super powers, continues her adventures in this seventh volume of Patterson's popular series. As the story begins, Max is suffering from the rejection and disappearance of her first love, Fang, even though handsome Dylan, bred to be her mate, stays devotedly at her side. Max is forced to put aside emotion when a plot to destroy humankind in favor of repopulating the earth with Gen 77 kids, a later brand of mutants, is revealed. The Doomsday Group promises to save Earth and bring its members to the One Light, using mind control so well that even some members of Max's flock succumb. As the day of Armageddon approaches, Max sends mind-reader Angel into Doomsday headquarters as a spy Max knows it is her job to save the world, yet she manages to be a teenager torn between two loves. Lots of flight and fight scenes enliven a somewhat illusive plot line, although the reader is never really confused about who is good and who is evil. Patterson, known for adult books, adds this volume as the next to the last of his popular Maximum Ride series. While fans may be critical of individual titles, teen readers' strong involvement with its characters testifies to the series' success--Laura Woodruff 3Q 4P M J S Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.